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Almatec Solutions

Almatec Solutions  LLC. specializes in building, implementing and streamlining flexible ERP systems using Microsoft Dynamics AX. Business end users are benefiting from increasing availability and diversity of applications, driving increased expectations for Almatec Solutions wherever and whenever they need to leverage their services.

Lidlabs architected solution minimizes the cost of downtime for the business by providing workforce with a single point of access for all development and compute needs leveraging cloud resource pool.

Lidlabs has consulted and created a cloud services architecture and framework for Almatec Solutions LLC  by leveraging a Virtual Desktop access Infrastructure for developers and elasticly scalable application server environement hosted on a public cloud. Solution leverages state of the art VMware-Microsoft-Citrix architecture. Remote access enables outsourced and mobile workforces reap the benefits of always-on compute environment for building and testing Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions for Almatec Solutios customers. The solution allows any employee or offshore contractor access same look and feel environment anywhere in the world while maintaining a tight control over the Almatec Solutions infrastructure. Overall solution reduced costs by 30 to 50 percent through increased leverage of remote development services availability and scalability as well as self-service capabilities.


Demyo Inc. delivers a wide range of security services to organizations of all sizes. Their security services provide protection across the wired and wireless networks, and safeguarding data across perimeter. This task is achieved through comprehensive network, wireless and web application penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, incident response, PCI, HIPPA, SOX, GLBA compliance audit services.

The extensive use of virtualization in implementing cloud infrastructure brings unique security concerns for customers or tenants of a public cloud service. Virtualization alters the relationship between the OS and underlying hardware – be it computing, storage or even networking. This introduces an additional layer – virtualization – that itself must be properly configured, managed and secured.

Demyo INC. have leveraged Lidlabs cloud architect services to build hardened secure cloud solutions  such as VDI service delivery to financial and healthcare institutions. The initial client infrastructure security penetration audit oftentimes is followed with comprehensive action plan based on audit results.

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